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New rules and regulations concerning
heating oil and dual energy heating systems.

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The Chauffez Vert Program

The Chauffez vert program is not affiliated with any company that removes or installs heating equipment. The following is intended for information purposes only. The property owner is the sole responsible for submitting the grant application to the Chauffez vert program, for supplying all the required documentation to ensure that they meet all of the program’s requirements. For any information regarding the Chauffez vert program, click on the following link:

  1. Make sure that your home and the planned work meet the criteria of the Chauffez vert program by consulting the Participant Guide. To carry out your work, you will have to choose equipment, materials and a contractor; read the page Useful tips if needed.
  2. Once your work is completed, gather all required supporting documents
  3. Fill out your online financial aid application making sure to attach the required supporting documents.
  4. Those responsible for the Chauffez vert program will analyze the documents received to determine your eligibility for financial assistance. Additional information and documents may be requested during the analysis.
  5. You will be notified by email of your eligibility or ineligibility for financial assistance within 10 business days if your application is complete.
  6. Following confirmation of conformity of the work, you will receive your check to the amount you are eligible for within 4 to 6 weeks.

To complete an online registration application: