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Heating Oil Conversion to Electricity in the
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For a Sustainable Ecological Transition

Our mission is to be a major player in Québec’s energy transition by converting oil heating systems to electricity and consequently reducing our environmental footprint for the benefit of our
future generations.

The heating oil industry has been steadily declining over the past years due to several factors such as unpredictable and fluctuating oil prices, the high costs of maintaining heating oil equipment, restrictive municipal regulations designed to reduce pollution caused by greenhouse gas emissions, financial incentives offered by the CHAUFFEZ VERT program, not to mention consumers’ growing concerns over environmental issues. These factors are the driving force behind the launching of this new venture giving you the option to safely and expertly convert your oil, dual energy and natural gas heating systems to electricity.

Conversion from oil to electric ○ Conversion from natural gas to electric ○ Electric heating ○ Central/mural air conditioning ○ Oil tank removal ○ Heat pumps (central or mural) ○ Heat pumps (low temperature)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the electric conversion of an oil heating or dual energy heating system eligible for grants or subsidies?2019-05-23T09:13:18-04:00

Yes, the electric conversion of a heating oil system and more recently, the conversion of a dual energy heating system are eligible for the following program:

Is it necessary to upgrade the electric entry to convert a heating oil system to electricity?2019-05-23T09:12:51-04:00

If the electric entry capacity is 60 or 100 amps, an upgrade to 200 amps will be required. The large majority of homes equipped with a 200 amp entry have the required capacity to supply the power needed for the new electric heating system. In certain cases, such as homes with more than 4,000 square feet, an upgrade from 200 to 300 or 400 amps may be required.

Does écoconversions convert homes from oil heating systems to electricity with electric baseboards or convectors?2019-05-23T09:12:40-04:00

No, we specialize in the replacement of oil heating and dual energy heating systems with central warm air or hot water (boilers) electric heating systems. However, with the conversion of a central heating system, we can install an electric baseboard or a convector in a specific area of the home if needed.

What are the advantages of heating a home with electricity?2019-05-23T09:12:31-04:00
  • Guaranteed energy efficiency which translates into savings on the cost of heating
  • Optimal environmental footprint by eliminating greenhouse gas emissions
  • Quiet operation of the heating system requiring little maintenance
  • No need to use the chimney due to the removal from the premises of all combustion equipment
  • No risk of an oil leak by removing the oil tank
  • Saves space with the removal of the oil boiler and oil tank, the new electric boilers are wall-mounted installations
  • Financial incentives offered by the Chauffez Vert financial aid program
What is the average lifespan of an electric heating system?2019-05-23T09:12:24-04:00

An electric warm air furnace should last about 25 years. An electric boiler (central hot water system) should last 30 years.

What are the payment options?2019-05-23T09:11:04-04:00
  • By Interac
  • By cheque
  • Online banking
  • By Credit Card (VISA or mastercard)
Why choose écoconversions to carry out the electric conversion of our heating system?2019-05-23T09:12:11-04:00
  • All our staff involved in the conversion process have the necessary accreditations to carry out the conversion
  • All the equipment we install are renowned brands which comply with industry standards
  • With over 35 years of experience, our team of experts will guide you in making the right choice of electric heating equipment (and/or cooling)
  • Personalized service by a local company providing a professional overall service with a common sense approach
  • We assist you for the Chauffez Vert financial aid grant application
Is it true that electric heating provides less heat than oil heating systems?2019-05-23T09:12:00-04:00

It is an urban myth! By installing an electric heating system with the proper kW capacity, the comfort level of heat is comparable to oil heating, but with less maintenance and mostly, no noise or air pollution!

My heating system is covered with asbestos. What is the safest way to remove this insulation material?2019-05-23T09:11:47-04:00

Asbestos is a toxic insulation material which requires the intervention of a company accredited by the CNSST which will take all the necessary precautions to provide a safe environment for the workers involved in the removal of the contaminant material, as well as for the people residing the premises:

How to choose the right electric heating system to replace my oil heating system?2019-05-23T09:11:33-04:00

During the initial free consultation, écoconversions inspects the premises to determine the right electric capacity required to meet all your heating and cooling requirements by evaluating the following factors:

  1. The BTU capacity of the existing oil heating system
  2. The property’s square footage of indoor liveable space
  3. The insulation factor
  4. Le type of property: (split) bungalow, split, cottage, duplex triplex, etc.
  5. The location of the property: detached, semi-detached, row house, proximity to water and exposure to the elements
  6. The capacity of the electric water heater: In cases where we convert an oil-fired water heater, we take into consideration the number of occupants, the daily routine of hot water usage, the frequency of taking baths vs showers, the use of a spa, etc
  7. A winning formula: common sense
How long does it take to carry out the conversion?2019-05-23T09:11:17-04:00

Normally, the conversion should take one full day. However, in cases where we would need to modify the electric entry, it would take two days to carry out the conversion.

I would like to thank Écoconversions for replacing our oil heating system for an electric system.

The Écoconversions team is demonstrating efficiency and professionalism in carrying out the work and mindful of our comfort during the conversion, offering back-up devices when needed.

Thank you again and know that I have no reservations in recommending Écoconversions for the quality of the work and the equipment provided.

C. Voisard, (Translated from french)

I had the oil furnace replaced for an electric furnace. The work (dismantling and installation) was carried out professionally with all the necessary precautions. The team was very dynamic, friendly and professional and answered all of my questions without hesitation. I recommend this company without any hesitation.
Thank you Écoconversions!

Richard Martin, (Translated from french)

Simply to mention how satisfied we are with the work done by Pierre and his team. Clean, friendly, and meticulous, they took the time to explain and tell us about our project. Well done! We rarely did any renovations or renovations or were so confident in our choice of investment soon after the renovation.

Thank you!

Israel Tétreault, (Translated from french)

We have hired Écoconversions to convert our heating system from oil to electric. In comparison with other offers, the Écoconversions quote had a very competitive price. The team was extremely efficient and professional and all the work (removing the old tank, dismantling the old furnace, laying and connecting the new electrical cables and installing the new electrical control system) was finished within two days. There had been a small complication with connecting the electrical system to our fuse box, but Écoconversions solved this problem with ingenuity and without difficulty. We are pleased to recommend Écoconversions for this type of project without reservation.

Viktor Zacek, (Translated from french)

The Eco Conversions team showed up at my home on time.
Everything is done by a team of 4 people who are totally synchronized.
Courtesy and professionalism are the order of the day! All our questions were answered with patience and eagerness.
Everything was finished 4 hours after the work began… emptying and removal of the oil tank, removal of the pipes and clogging and simultaneous installation of the new furnace!

Thank you and congratulations for a job well done!

Michel Choquette, (Translated from french)

You are very nice and professional. You answered all my questions and the explanations for obtaining the grant are very clear and precise. I would also like to point out that Mr. Ouimet and his boys have done an exceptional job. They were punctual, competent, clean, friendly and very kind in answering all my questions. Everything works very well and I hope to be able to enjoy my new furnace for several years. It will be my pleasure to recommend you to anyone in need of your services.

Once again thank you for everything!

I. Romeo, (Translated from french)

Very happy to have trusted ÉCOCONVERSIONS. The work was carried out by a meticulous and professional team. The price of the device is equal to other bidders but with a more efficient machine for our house. It is absolutely necessary to have ÉCOCONVERSIONS among your submissions to recommend it to all.

André & Johane, (Translated from french)

Great work, simple, efficient. Experienced installers. No surprises the installation is as quoted and with a Qc product to boot. I recommend Ecoconversions.

R. Groulx, St-Léonard

We would like to congratulate the Écoconvesions team for the impeccable and professional installation of our new heating system. Everything went very well; your staff is courteous, professional, meticulous and punctual. We are very pleased with our decision to have chosen you as the service provider for the conversion of our heating system.

Michel Girard, (Translated from french)

A huge thank you to the Ecoconversions team who installed our new electric furnace in our condominium. From the first contact with François, to the completion of the work, everything was carried out to perfection and in accordance with the established plan.
It was a privilege and a pleasure to do business with Ecoconversions, and I’ll be happy to recommend you.

Claude Lacoursiere, (Translated from french)


Please be advised that the public authorities’ preventive measures regarding the COVID-19 are taken very seriously by écoconversions. The health and safety of all our clients, contractors, technicians, suppliers and the communities in which we serve are of the upmost priority for all of us. Consequently, our team of experts that carry out our conversions have implemented preventive measures to minimize the risk of the spread of the COVID-19.

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